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Friday Facts #365 - Future plans
Категория: Новости
Hello, the 1.1 release is the final release of the vanilla game. It will be maintained, so bugfixes, simple modding interface additions, or minor tweaks can happen, but that's about it. The future So, what are we going to do? There are several possibilities. Retiring is not really an option for several reasons, not going insane being one of them. There are some smaller experiments outside the Factorio realm that we want to do, but apart from that, we still want to extend the game. There is a large pool of ideas, so all we have to do is to just pick from the most potent ones. But the question is: How to package them? There are basically 4 options: Free updates forever Factorio 2 Small DLC packs One big expansion pack Free updates forever A lot of games do it, notably Minecraft and Terraria. They do really well, so the model works, but I believe that it is not the best way to go for us, as we are a little bit more of a niche game with a smaller but more dedicated audience. This means
Friday Facts #364 - 1.1 stable
Категория: Новости
1.1 stable kovarex Hello, we have a stable version! When we were releasing the 1.0 FFF-360, we actually stated that there were "around 150 bugs on the forums and around 80 internal tasks to be solved". These were obviously minor issues, things hard to reproduce or very rare problems. In other words, it was quite reasonably stable, which normally goes without saying when it comes to Factorio stable versions. But it proved to be a mistake wording it this way, since some media picked up on it and presented it as a "fairly bugged release". So I'm pretty thrilled to finally get to the point, where we actually have 0 known issues and 0 active bug reports on the forums. Its like cleaning the kitchen properly, so you can start cooking something fresh. More about that next week! For now, we want to go over some of the features of the 1.1 that you might have missed until now if you've been sticking with stable 1.0. Blueprint flip Klonan It was requested a lot over the years, and we always said
Friday Facts #363 - 1.1 is getting close
Категория: Новости
1.1 is getting close kovarex I have been tracking the amount of tasks and forum bugs required to finish 1.1 since the 1.0 release. This allowed me to get quantifiable feedback whether we are actually keeping the timeframe of the 1.1 release reasonable, or digging too deep and expanding the scope too much. If we extrapolate the graph, the 1.1 experimental should be ready next week. New merchandise - 1.0 Rocket T-shirt & Wube bag Klonan To celebrate and commemorate the launch of 1.0, we wanted to produce a special limited edition T-shirt. For a few reasons, our supply was not ready in time for the launch in August, but we are ready now. We have also always wanted to have Wube bags, and now we have them! They are really high quality sturdy cotton, we're pretty sure they will last a long time. As with previous years, if you want to ensure an order will arrive before Christmas, you really should order as soon as possible on our e-shop. Small things kovarex There are a lot of smaller
Friday Facts #362 - Menu simulation, Spidertron, Ghost building, Confirm button
Категория: Новости
Menu simulation V453000 In the last FFF, we presented that we now have the capability to show real game simulations in the Tips and tricks. Naturally we asked ourselves what else could we use this new technology for... We've dreamed about this multiple times in the past, but the technical roadblocks didn't make us think too seriously. We'd like the main menu background to be a real animated simulation of the game, similar to what Transport Tycoon or Rollercoaster Tycoon games have. Instead of things like cinematic trailers, we always present the game in its true form, and the menu background does not follow this logic. Also, any time we improve any graphics, a static image immediately gets older while a real game simulation is updated automatically. We've created a variety of scenes that each demonstrate some feature(s) of the game, from first miners all the way to the artillery and Spidertron. The screen is quite zoomed in and the factories are rather small, so it's more of a
Friday Facts #361 - Train stop limit, Tips and tricks
Категория: Новости
Hello, we finished with the regular Friday Facts series, and yet, there is still so much we want to talk about. I want to clarify, that we are not going to release FFF every week, but there are a few of them coming in the near future. 1.1 - The real 1.0 The point of 1.1 isn't to add some new content, the main motivation is to finalise all the existing features so that they work together in a proper way. This may sound a little bit abstract and boring, but it will be explained more clearly in the upcoming FFFs. Believe me, the sentence "I didn't know I needed this until now" will come to your mind more than once. The work on the 1.1 update started basically right after the 1.0 release, so there is already lots to show. Right now we aren't going to make any promises as to when it is coming, but we will keep you updated on our progress with these blog posts, and give some notice before it is deployed. Though I'm quite certain that we are more than half-way through. To keep you happy
Friday Facts #360 - 1.0 is here!
Категория: Новости
Hello, the atmosphere in the last week was kind of special. We experienced the feeling of the final release being on the horizon many times. And we were shown that it isn't the case time and time again. So it feels very special when it is actually becoming reality. We were trying to be especially careful with any last minute changes to make sure that we don't introduce major bugs into our precious 1.0 release. The image of all the players having the game crash on some simple stupid bug is horrifying. Thank you People thanked us on many occasions for the hard work we do. It helped lift our mood in many of the desperate moments, when bugs and problems were piling up and we didn't see the end of the tunnel. We don't say it often enough, but the support from your side has been incredibly helpful throughout the years. We thank all who helped us to save the game before it could even start by supporting the IndieGoGo campaign back in 2013. We are grateful for all of the 18,855 bug reports.
Friday Facts #359 - Crash site: The beginning
Категория: Новости
0.18 mods will be loadable in 1.0 Klonan With 1.0 approaching, we want to ensure that the day of the launch goes as smoothly as possible, and shows the game in the best light. Something that would really work against that would be if the update broke a bunch of mods and disgruntled all of our most dedicated players. So we are making efforts to ensure that mods that work in 0.18, will work without any update needed in 1.0. Theoretically this isn't so difficult, as the 0.18 release structure has meant that mods have maintained compatibility with all the latest changes, and in essence 1.0 will just be a small update of 0.18. However it does take a bit of special handling: 1.0 will allow mods marked for 0.18 to load. The mod portal will show 0.18 mods when browsing in 1.0. Avoiding breaking mods also means we need to be very careful with changing anything, even something as simple as renaming a sprite can break dozens of mods. I think we never realised how easy it is to break mods before
Friday Facts #358 - Alien decoratives & Polluted water
Категория: Новости
Launch party cancelled Jitka The COVID pandemic around the globe is making it really hard to plan any event these days, and we were pretty optimistic just a few weeks back. However the situation here is now changing for the worse it seems. The number of positively tested cases of COVID here in Czech has been increasing in relatively high numbers every day for the past two weeks, and the restrictions are again taking place. In Prague, face masks are required to be worn again where more than 100 people gather indoors, no events over 500 people are permitted as of last week, etc. The current uncertainty together with the fact that at least half of the invited guests will not be able to attend the party (including some members of our own team), have led us into making a tough decision: we have decided to cancel the Factorio 1.0 release party we were intending to throw on 4th September 2020. For those of you who already purchased a ticket(s) - the full ticket price will be refunded. We
Friday Facts #357 - Nuke
Категория: Новости
Blueprint library finishing touches kovarex At the time of writing the Friday Facts last week, not all of the planned changes were finished, here is the finalisation, so here we go. Persistent library contents The problem is old. You play a modded game and have your blueprints in the library. Then, you decide to put the mods aside for a reason (to join a MP game, or just try a different modset). At that moment, if we didn't handle it in a special way, all your mod-related content in your blueprint library would be removed. We solved the main part of the problem already quite some time ago. But with the upcoming support of other tools in the blueprint library it had to be extended. Special system was created for these things: The preview icons of the blueprint tools The filters of the deconstruction planner The upgrade specification of the upgrade planner If the related ID isn't available any more while loading a game. Instead of just plainly removing it, it is marked as unknown and
Friday Facts #356 - Blueprint library for real
Категория: Новости
kovarex - the story of motivation This wall of text is about my personal struggle with Factorio and life, feel free to skip to the next subject if you wish to see the actual Factorio content. Since two years ago, I started to have these problems, it was harder and harder to force myself to work on the game and I didn't enjoy it that much. So I was looking for a way to have a break. I know exactly when I disappeared from the Factorio development, it was August 26, 2019, the release date of World of Warcraft classic. The planned 3 weeks of playing kind of extended to be more like 3 months. One of the big reasons was, that I already had 60 level priest when I realized that tanks are so hard to come by, so I re-rolled a tank learned how to play it and levelled it to 60. It was a great fun to finish all the dungeon content and acquire the pre-bis (pre raid best in slot). This all just to find out tanks are far from a hot commodity when it comes to raiding, where you need just a few in the